Blog: Laughing In Handcuffs…


According to FoxNews.Com, comedian Katt Williams was arrested for a battery charge in Gainesville, Ga. This isn’t the first time Williams has had problems with the law. In 2014, Katt Williams along with Hip-Hop Producer Marion Suge Knight, were arrested in Los Angeles, Ca for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera and both were charged with one count of robbery. The year of 2013, Williams was on suspicion of child endangerment, possession of a stolen car, aggravated assault, and his most infamous arrest evading police, going on a full throttle high-speed police chase. So when we heard the news of Katt Williams’s arrest, it was no surprise to us.

According to Cnn.Com, Sgt. Kevin Holbrook of the Gainesville Police Department told the press, “ He was lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as though he was ready to go to jail.” A store clerk working at a pool supply store alleged that Katt Williams punched him the face. He went into fuller details saying Williams went behind the counter, punched the clerk in his face, threw a pair of goggles at him, and insisted on arguing with the employee. Williams is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge with his bail set at $5,000.

When his publicist was asked to comment, she did not respond to phone or email messages according to FoxNews.Com. Fans on social media seem to be disappointed in William’s behaviour. Some of his fans on Facebook wrote,” What happened to Katt Williams? He used to be one of the funniest comedians, but now he has gone downhill smh.” Another fan wrote, “And this is why Kevin Hart is at the top of the game. He may not be the best but he’s not going around hitting people and always getting in trouble. I am a fan of both but Katt needs to get it together.”

Indeed, trouble seems to follow Katt Williams wherever he goes and the slammer keeps calling his name. I agree with his fans on social media, if he doesn’t get his act together the only laughing he’ll be doing is behind bars.


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