Feature Story: New Renaissance Era

Didn’t the Renaissance Era end in the 1700’s? Well according to Cyrus Speaks, the Renaissance Age is just beginning. The Renaissance Atlanta is a fresh, upbeat, contemporary yet modernistic event inviting all talents and gifts. “The Ren” is Christian based, but it welcomes anyone who is a follower or performer of the arts and is seeking to mingle with individuals who would rather listen to poetry than go partying on a Friday night. The different flairs staged are singers, actors/actresses, spoken-word artists, inspirational speakers, instrumentalists and acoustics. The Renaissance Atlanta occurs the second Friday of each month on the second level of the Epicenter in Austell, Georgia. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. and close at 10:30 p.m., giving the audience more than enough time to enjoy each performance while meeting fellow originators. Since this event is Christian based, they require each person to donate a can good, blanket, or coat prior to entrance, yet the more donations the less the ticket cost. The regular fee is a seven-dollar cover charge at the door or a five-dollar cover charge including a donation listed above. Cyrus Speaks is the founder and creator of this event along with co-founder Winston Mayo and huge supportive team behind them.

When asked why they both decided to generate The Renaissance of Atlanta, Mr. Speaks conveys about the enormous amount of talent there is in the city of Atlanta and wanted to give a platform that would showcase each artist’s skills and gifts. Mr. Mayo added how this event is another alternative for Christians and others who still want to have fun and enjoy themselves on a Friday night have the opportunity and the pleasure of doing so without resorting to activities such as drinking, club-hopping, or an environment where they feel uncomfortable around. Cyrus says he is shocked by the turnout of the event and is amazed at how they are able to afford the rental space of the Epi Center where it is held. He says the donation each customer makes goes toward different charities, food banks and shelters, but the cover charge fees paid to get into “The Ren” goes toward the rental costs. One of the main reasons they are able to afford the necessities sustaining the event and making The Renaissance Atlanta possible.


What makes “The Ren” stands out among other artistic events are their different approaches and techniques to emphasize the importance of the event and the productions of their artists. The first performer who blessed the stage concurs with this statement. Waneisha Spencer, 31 years old, an alumni of the University of South Florida performed for the first time at The Renaissance Atlanta stirring a big applause from the audience with her immaculate voice and powerful words. She also attends other creative events such as Poetic Collage, but says “The Ren” is different because she is allowed to share her poetry for ministry having an impact on the crowd and not for selfish gain. Another spoken-word artist who received a big uproar from the crowd is Nehemiah Grant, 26 years old, a regular attendee of “The Ren” says, “I love attending these events because of the good vibe and good energy.”

What all of these artists have in common are the love of God. Many of these gifted performers share the messages and the testimonies of Jesus Christ, helping others by sharing their life experiences, trials and tribulations giving all attribution to God and their Savior Christ. Yet, all people with different beliefs are still welcomed and will not be turned away. Their principle they live by is that everyone in the world is connected some way some how.




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