Possible Murder Weapon Found..


Photo Credited To: Dailymail.Com

Who can forget the O.J. Simpson case in 1995? It was one of the biggest trials in the 90’s and caused major controversy nationwide. Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that a knife was found on O.J. Simpson’s former property in Brentwood, CA. Many are asking could this be the possible murder weapon that was used to take the lives of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman?
According to CNN.Com, retired police officer George Maycott received the knife from a construction worker in 2003, which the police have asked the construction worker to publicly come forward, but no word on that yet. After Maycott was given the knife, he immediately contacted the LAPD traffic division and they told him, “O.J. Simpson has been acquitted (so) there’s nothing we can do.” Therefore, he kept the knife in his toolbox for the next 13 years until finally handing it over to police in January. The issue LAPD has is the U.S.’s double jeopardy rule, so even if evidence shows the DNA of the two victims killed, Mr. Simpson can’t be tried again. The second problem is the significant amount of knives found around the Simpson estate, however the folding Buck blade is under forensic investigation. It is being tested for hair and DNA, and will be treated as all other evidence would according to LAPD Captain Andy Neiman.
The public of course wants to know if new evidence is found from this knife, could it possibly change things for the initial case at hand? The prosecutor in the Simpson case Marcia Clark, told Dateline NBC, “Honestly, I don’t know whether he would be convicted today. Because in the wake of all these police shootings and all the racial mistrust that has been exposed, probably what would result, in my opinion, is a hung jury.” She agrees that the understanding of DNA evidence is more accurate today than it was a decade ago, but due to the mishandling of the evidence by police and shoddy forensic collections created a distrust of the police.
Looks like the “Trial of the Century” might have possibly found the mysterious murder weapon and O.J. Simpson’s luck is running out.


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