KSU Dominates North Florida

With only 7.8 seconds left on the board and the North Florida Ospreys down by two points, Deandrea Sawyer shoots two free throws winning the basketball game 52-48 for the Kennesaw State Women’s team.

When a KSU Owl’s fan was asked how she spent her weekends, she enthusiastically replied,” Supporting my lady Owls!” The KSU Women’s Basketball team took their conquestful win over North Florida on Feb.18 at the Kennesaw State Convocation Center.

The first quarter of the game began with the KSU Owls falling behind by two points. By half-time North Florida was in the lead with a score of 28-26. That quickly changed in the fourth quarter with Kennesaw State leading 39-37 with nine minutes left. The game was close between the two teams and anticipation stirred a subtle prayer from the audience. Who would be the champion?


After a time-out called by North Florida, with one minute and seven seconds left on the board Kelly Dulkoski steals the ball, making it a highlight of the game and amping the crowd up, KSU leading by one point. The most crucial moment of the game, North Florida fouls KSU, giving them an opportunity to shoot two free throws. The audience is silent and #44 Deandrea Sawyer, attempts two free throws. She makes them both and the fans start cheering, the lady Owls win the game.


The all stars of the game were Kelly Dulkoski scoring a total of 15 points, Allison Johnson with 12 rebounds, and Clara Young with four assists. These ladies were the key ingredient to winning the game along with team effort and a vivacious cheering crowd.

The KSU Owl’s Coach Agnus Berenato had a brief pregame spiel. She made sure to encourage the girls by words of wisdom and doing their routinely huddle and warm up. The team’s assistant coach Ms. Head, made it her duty that all of the players uplifted each other and despite whether they won or not, they would still be victorious because of the effort and hard work they’ve put in.


However, the North Florida Ospreys were not so lucky this game, their record 10-17. The team talked about remaining driven and confident, although they’ve experienced another loss of the season. The goal could possibly be to strengthen their offensive rebounds more than anything. The is a crucial component of a team that is great at shooting the ball, but not having the correct playing strategies. Although they were devastated, they shook hands with the lady Owls and congratulated them on their win.

When asked how they felt about winning the team replied back, “Excited.” This was a bounce back back from the last game with the Stetson Hatters, losing 43-60. The team hasn’t had the best season with a total of 5,225 points. However, the KSU Owls redeemed themselves with nine steals, thirteen assists, and thirty rebounds. They’ve won 8-17 games so far and encourage their fans to support them at their next home game against the Jacksonville State Dolphins Feb 20th.



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